Puppies Zlata

Puppies Zlata

17 april 20

9 pups, 6 teefjes – 3 reutjes[/vc_column_text]



  • Devin
    Posted 24 april 2020 01:02 0Likes

    Hello! I have recently bought a house in Haarlem together with my boyfriend. We have a jack russell dog who is 7, and we are loOking for a playmate for him. Do you have any puppies available? Or will you in the coking months? We have triee so many kennels in the netherlands but with no luck so far.

    Thank you,

    Devin Games

  • Maureen
    Posted 9 mei 2020 19:18 0Likes

    hELLO !
    Sorry, i don’t speak nederlands
    I’m from belgium and i’ve always wanted a corgi…
    But i have some questions about them, like are they silent (I mean, do they bark ?) and are they able to stay alone sometimes ?

    Also, i know that the prices change according to criteria but, is this possible to have a price range ?

    I’m also interrested if you have puppies… Can you tell me please and if not, when will be the next litter ??

    Sorry to bother

    thank you for your interest

    have a nice evening !


  • Axana Deleu
    Posted 23 juni 2020 12:35 0Likes


    Hebben jullie nog pups te koop
    Ik zoek al ruime tijd naar een welch corgi pembroke puppy
    wanneer hebben jullie een nieuw nestje ?

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